General Terms and Conditions



Article 1 - Contact numbers and addresses of the Executive Secretariat

Article 2 - Submission of Application Forms  

Article 3 - Terms of Payment

Article 4 - Exhibiting Items, Promotional Activities

Article 5 - Special Services

Article 6 - Insurance, Safety & Fire Fighting Services

Article 7 - Complaints and Infringement of Rules & Regulations

Article 8 - Vacating Exhibition Space

Article 9 - Customs Control - Important Exhibition Items


ARTICLE 1 - Contact numbers and addresses of the Executive Secretariat

The 6th International Exhibition on Pharmaceuticals and Related Industries IRANPHARMA EXPO 2020 on September 22-24, 2020, in the Grand Musalla of Tehran.

Organizer: Iranian Pharmaceutical Industries Syndicate

Executive Secretariat: Rasayesh Institution (Public Relations Dept. of Iranian Pharmaceutical Industries Syndicate)

Tel: +98 21 88203845-6

Fax: +98 21 88198520

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Add: Rasayesh Bldg., No. 26, Hemasi Alley, Peyvand St., Nezami-ye Ganjavi Ave., Tavanir, Tehran, Iran

ARTICLE 2 - Submission of Application Forms and number of Participating Companies in Individual Stands

1. Applicants must submit their information after primary registration.

2. Confirming or denying submitted requests will be informed after due analysis by the executive secretariat.

3. Final registration and space allocation of exhibitors will be done after remitting the payment for the stands.

4. The allocated space is only for the exhibitors that have finalized their registration and have been confirmed by the executive secretariat. Exhibitors are not allowed to sublet or share their registered and confirmed space with others the space allocated to them.

5. Minimum stand area for each stand (without construction) is set at 12m2. Minimum space for exhibitors wanting to build custom stands is 30m2.

Note: Stand construction for spaces smaller than 30m2 is not possible.

6. Only one company's name will be mentioned for each stand and stand fascia.

7. Exhibitors wanting to add to their registered space must fill the special form and send it to the exhibition executive secretariat.

8. Exhibitors must present the list of the equipment in their stands, sealed and signed, together with the registration form to the executive secretariat.

 9. Any change or alteration in the final floor plan of the exhibition will be announced by the exhibition secretariat.

 ARTICLE 3 - Terms of Payment

10. Exhibitors must remit 30 percent of their contract at the time of delivering their registration form. It must be noted that the final allocation will be done after finalizing the contract and remitting 30 percent of the stand price.

11. Advertising and displaying items outside the allocated space is only possible with written confirmation from the secretariat office. Stand dismantling and taking the equipment off the venue is done until one day after the exhibition. In case of delay in dismantling, non-Iranian exhibitors are fined with 1000 EUR and Iranian exhibitors are fined 20 million IRR per day.

12. Exhibiting non-Iranian products, posters or advertisement in registered Iranian stands is forbidden. Infringement of this rule will lead to fine in the amount of 120 percent the price of the stand in EUR fees. Furthermore, in case of continuing or repeating the infringement, the executive secretariat reserves the right to close down the stand.

13. All payments are remitted to the bank account announced to the exhibitor by the executive secretariat following registration and confirmation of the type, number and size of the stand.

14. The executive secretariat reserves the right to confiscate the goods of exhibitors who have not settled all their payments.

15. Exhibitors must send a copy of their remittance receipt after each payment to the secretariat office.

16. By signing and stamping this reservation document, the exhibitor waivers the right to cancel participation and/or getting a refund.

17. In cases of force majeure that deems the event impossible to be held, none of the parties of this contract will be held liable and the paid amount will be refunded after deducting reservation expenses.

 ARTICLE 4 - Exhibiting Items, Promotional Activities, Security

18. In addition to prohibited goods specified in the latest import/export regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran, exhibiting of articles such as: ammunition, explosives, narcotics and alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited.

19. Exhibitors are responsible for the safeguarding and security of the exhibitors' goods during the visiting hours of the exhibition.

20. To present information to the public, display tools and machineries, exhibitors must receive permission from the secretariat office. Necessary safety precautions must be elaborated for the visitors before displaying. In case of any damage, exhibitors are held liable for repairing or replacing and the costs.

ARTICLE 5 - Special Services

21. Exhibitors will have access to following services and facilities by paying related charges:

Three-phased power supply, insurance, customs, taxi, workshops, copy machines, printing, forklifts, internet, restaurants and snack bars.

ARTICLE 6 - Insurance, Security & Fire Fighting Services

22. Insurance services will be available at the expo venue with cooperation of an insurance company. Insuring exhibiting goods against fire, explosions and thunderbolts is mandatory. Exhibitors are held liable for damages caused by fire, theft, floods, etc. Exhibitors are also held liable for any damage inflicted by their personnel, employees or visitors during the exhibition.

23. The executive secretariat is exempt of any liability regarding the loss of valuables or portable goods such as phones, laptops, cameras, etc., during the closing hours of the exhibition. It is suggested to take these goods off the venue in closing hours of the exhibition.

ARTICLE 7 - Complaints and Infringement of Rules & Regulations

24. Any disputes arising from this agreement shall be referred to the Iranian Pharmaceutical Industries Syndicate for resolving. Should the dispute not be resolved, the matter will be taken to the legal bodies of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

ARTICLE 8 – Evacuating the Venue

25. Exhibitors must evacuate their stands, dismantle their constructed booth and take their goods off the venue in maximum 24 hours after the end of the exhibition.

26. Exhibitors are held liable for any damage to their goods after the announced deadlines. Imported goods must be delivered to the venue customs after the exhibition.

27. Exhibitors are held liable for the payment of customs and warehousing costs of their displayed goods that have not been evacuated in due time.

28. The executive secretariat is not liable for any of the exhibitors' goods that have not been taken off the venue until the announced deadline.

ARTICLE 9 - Customs Control - Important Exhibition Items (Import / Export of Exhibiting Items)

29. Importing items for exhibition shall be marked as NON-COMMERCIAL and be addressed to:



Parking Space


IRANPHARMA EXPO – September 2018



30. Full personal particular(s) of person(s) who will take delivery of the goods from the inside of the venue's customs office on the date of handing over the stand by the executive secretariat shall be inscribed on the packages and delivered to the executive secretariat in written form, together with the importing documents.

31. Exhibitors must deliver a complete list of their affiliated companies and branches in their countries of origin from which they will import exhibiting items to the executive secretariat at the time of registration.

 IMPORTANT NOTICE: Participants are urged to observe the Islamic Rules, Dignity and Iranian Official Dress Code.

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