Why Exhibit

In the third millennia, each activity is an event and fairs are secondary to the events themselves. Therefore, the word “expo” which used to generate the concept of “fairs” in mind, is more than merely an exhibition and has turned into a platform for change and evolution; in other words, today’s exhibitions are focusing on development and evolution.

When we hear that the Italian economy after Expo Milano and the Spanish economy after Expo Barcelona was evolved, we no longer wonder why the UAE is following up on the idea of its 2020 expo and has appointed all its national projects in its direction. The literal translation of the word “expo” would no longer suffice; it must be translated as a concept. In the current age, the Today, we are facing several crisis in the field of health and the irrational consumption of drugs is among the most important ones, which brings about irreparable consequences. All these incidents are only related to the fields of culture and media, and with regard to the expensiveness of working in advertisement, the best course of action would be promotional and educational measures in preeminent exhibitions.




Commercial Opportunities

IRANPHARMA EXPO, with its stress on “event” instead of “exhibition” in the traditional sense of the word is trying to discover new markets for exports, while introducing domestic potentials and the latest achievements in the industry. Without a doubt, when the domestic market is filled with domestic products, and the manufacturing capacities rank twice as the domestic demand, export is the only way of survival for the most strategic national manufacturing industry.

Human Resources

According to the experts on health systems, regardless of the imposed war and sanctions, Iranian pharmacists can scientifically manufacture any medicine produced in the world in two years. Furthermore, currently the number of educated pharmacists is increasing and the number of papers published in this field is much higher than other fields of study. This calls for more job opportunities to be provided for the young pharmacists in this industry in order to utilize this professional workforce optimally. IRANPHARMA EXPO, as a scientific-cultural event, has provided this platform.