IRANPHARMA EXPO, A Bridge for Communication

Interview with Leroy Zu, CEO of Rotech Pharmaceutical Co.

On the first day of CPhI China, members of the IPH 2017 Secretariat, approached the CEO of Rotech Pharmaceutical Co. in the Pharmaceutical Equipment and API halls. Leroy Zu, CEO of Rotech Pharmaceutical Co., spoke of his company’s range of services provided to the Iranian pharmaceutical industries and shared his hopes for their future endeavors in IRANPHARMA EXPO 2017 and the Iranian market.

Tell us about your company.

Rotech is a pharmaceutical engineering company, with three plants in China, producing mainly machinery, wire line, clean room, pharmaceutical water systems and isolators.

How do you see the Iranian market?

Because of the improvements in the Iranian pharmaceutical industry, we are hoping to find more good partners among the Iranian pharmaceutical companies.

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