About the Iranian Pharmaceutical Industries Syndicate

The Iranian Pharmaceutical Industries Syndicate, with 97 manufacturing companies, 16 dependent companies, 14 exporting companies and 8 distribution companies, was established since 2005, with the objective of organization the production of pharmaceuticals, improving the quality and expanding exports, constant marketing and acquiring information on supply, demand, prices, consumer markets and expanding exports, supporting the interests of pharmaceutical manufacturers, efforts to increase access to global markets and creating opportunities for investment, collaborating in devising the needed standards for manufacturing pharmaceuticals and supervising the implementation of these standards through the establishment of supervising companies for its



In the 6th board of directors of the Iranian Pharmaceutical Industries Syndicate, Dr. Ahmad Sheybani as the chairman, Dr. Abbas Kebriaeizade as the 1st vice chairman, Dr. Qolamreza Akhavan Farid as the 2nd vice chairman, Dr. Morteza Kheirabadi, Dr. Abolhasan Ahmadiani, Dr. Mohammadreza Zargarzade and Dr. Mehrdad Alimian are the main board members. Hassan Riahi is the inspector and Dr. Mehdi Soleimanjahi is the secretary of the Iranian Pharmaceutical Industries Syndicate.



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