The executive secretariat of IRANPHARMA EXPO, in its efforts to establish expanding relations between the students and the pharmaceutical industry on one side, and focusing on the fact that this event is not merely a traditional exhibition with a number of exhibitors and booths, but a scientific and cultural event, held the Specialized Pharmaceutical, Medical-Academic Book Fair starting from 2016. This book fair, held with the participation of health-oriented publishers, concurrent with IRANPHARMA, is a good opportunity for strengthening the connections between the students and the industry on one side, and getting to know the latest published books in this field on the other.

Following the successful organization of this event in two editions, and attracting more than 400 pharmaceutical companies from 30 countries, IRANPHARMA was able to become the biggest pharmaceutical event of the MENA region.




IRANPHARMA EXPO 2017 was held in September 2017 with unprecedented turnouts for domestic and international companies in comparison with previous years in the Grand Musalla of Tehran. In this edition, 388 domestic and 163 non-Iranian companies exhibited their products and services, with 30,000 professional visitors from all over the world and got to know the latest achievement of the pharmaceutical industries.

Among the most important events in this edition of IRANPHARMA EXPO was the 1st Exhibition on Health-Oriented Media which was an effort to provide the mutual relation between the pharmaceutical industry with all related fields, including written and digital media.

IRANPHARMA EXPO 2018 was also held in September, becoming a regular event of the exhibitions hot season. Gathering more than 500 exhibitor companies together, this event marked the first year IPH hosted national pavilions in the Grand Musalla of Tehran.

IRANPHARMA EXPO 2019 was held in September 24-26, 2019 in the Grand Musalla of Tehran. This edition saw a record breaking turnout of visitors, with approximately 43,000 visitors from across the globe. At 550+, the exhibitors count was also a record in its footfalls.

IRANPHARMA EXPO 2020 which is due to be held in September 22-24, 2020 in the Grand Musalla of Tehran, is highly anticipated as it is expected to host a number of events that would be particularly important for the current situation in the world. The projections for this year show that with this sudden growth and interest in the pharmaceutical sector, we might witness another leap in IPH 2020’s turnouts.